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Foggy Window Restoration

Get your windows back to their former glory & enjoy the view

Window seal failure is a common problem, particularly for aging windows, and can cause your windows to “fog up.” The result is unattractive windows that ruin your view. Fogging can also permanently damage your Edmonton home or business’ windows.

Priority Glass offers a cost-effective solution to foggy windows that doesn’t require replacing the entire window or removing the unit. Our foggy window restoration process solves window condensation problems for a fraction of window replacement costs and also restores the window’s R-value. You save money, your window, and your view!

What Causes Foggy Windows?

Several factors contribute to foggy windows. Fog can occur on the interior or exterior of the window or between the panes of glass. When the seal between the panes of glass fails, moisture and condensation between them occurs.

Fogging generally appears in older windows, but a glass seal failure can occur on new ones. The fogging tends to be more visible on the sides of your home or building that get more sun. That’s because the sun’s heat accelerates seal failure.

Save Your Windows. Save Money. Save the Environment.

Priority Glass’s foggy window restoration process quickly and permanently gets rid of moisture and helps extend the window’s lifespan. Our process is:

  • Environmentally responsible - no worries about glass disposal.
  • Non-disruptive - all work is done from the exterior of your home or business!
  • Economical - pricing starts at $100 per window (up to 70% less than the cost of glass replacement).


  • Your window is guaranteed to be fog-free for 20 years.
  • We offer a full warranty on all work.
  • There’s no mess for you to clean up! We leave your home, building, and landscape looking as good as when we got there.

And though it’s rare, if we can’t defog your windows, we’ll either refund your money or apply the cost of defogging towards replacement glass panes.

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  • 20 year fog-free guarantee
  • Starting at $100/window
  • Restored from outside your home

Before & After Foggy Windows

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What Sets Us Apart

Defogging is a great way to save money and your existing window. To ensure success, it helps to act as soon as you notice condensation between windowpanes.

Priority Glass provides all types of exceptional glass services for businesses and homeowners throughout the greater Edmonton area:

  • Locally manufactured products
  • Fast estimates
  • On-time delivery
  • More choices and options than our competitors

We strive to offer the most economical solution to your window problems to save you money, save your windows, and save the environment!

How to Prepare for Foggy Window Restoration

You don’t need to do a thing! Priority Glass handles every step of the process. The only request we have is that our customers remove any barriers or obstructions outside the window or windows to be defogged.

Not sure if your windows can be restored or need replacing?

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