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Window Maintenance & Repair

Get your windows back to their former glory & enjoy the view

Do you need window maintenance or repair service for your Edmonton home? Priority Glass specializes in cost-effective maintenance and repair solutions that save you the cost of replacement while making your existing windows look as good as new. If your windows are beyond repair, we offer window replacement services, too.

Wood Window Maintenance

Wood window frame and sill rot are common problems. During a rain or snowstorm, water can leak in and around a window’s caulk and paint. When it comes out, the warmth of the sun creates a perfect environment for wood rot and mold. The damage may start out small but can eventually cause significant visual and structural damage. Some DIYers and other window maintenance services use hardened wood putties or epoxy to fix the problem. But it’s a short-term fix.

At Priority Glass, we remove wood rot and replace it with new wood. This makes for a nice, lasting repair that saves your window and your wallet!

Hardware Repair and Replacement

Locks, hinges, handles, balancers, frame members, and trim pieces are just some of the parts that make up window hardware. As windows age and get exposed to the elements, parts often wear out. Some parts might just need a minor adjustment. Others might need to be replaced. Whatever the case may be with your windows, Priority Glass provides cost-effective window hardware repair options to get them operating like new.

Window Frame Repair

The older a window gets, the more likely its frame can be damaged. The trained technicians at Priority Glass can diagnose any window frame problem and provide you with repair options that could help you avoid replacing the entire frame. Our goal is to help you keep your existing windows as long as possible!

Gasket/Sealant Repairs

Old brittle gaskets and sealants cause air leakage which will lead to your window inevitably losing its seal and failing prematurely. Usually the best solution is to have the window inspected and have gaskets and sealants replaced as soon as you notice an issue.

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Regular Window Maintenance & More

Priority Glass offers regular window maintenance services. To keep your wood windows looking great, we recommended having them inspected and serviced two times per year.

  • Wood window maintenance
  • Hardware repair & replacement
  • Window frame repair
  • Gasket/sealant repairs

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